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Pollarded willow, Thirsk

     Stew Exotic
     Official Monster Raving Loony Party

My views on the environment. 

Mostly I will listen to views and go with the majority. 

I do not like new housing taking up fields. I love biodiversity and I am keen on allotments and green spaces. 

I would be against any renewable power building, 

Climate change yes i accept it but i do not believe in wasting time worrying about the carbon footprint. Climate change happens and we need to look at fixing problems to adapt with the weather instead of wasting money on pretending we can stop or slow it down. 

Added 26 November

"Carbon reduction and renewable power. I am very against any building of renewable power. I do not believe it is a problem and I do not believe it is profitable or any cleaner, but I believe in keeping the green belts and farming. Food will be a bigger problem in the future . I love biodiversity ponds and trees are fantastic also allotments . I have been pushing for more allotments in Northallerton and we are getting many added. 

As I drive an old sports car i am not against petrol cars and i have no love for the electric cars. 

The 7 million fund for decarbonisation could be spent better , cleaning the rivers and improving underground infrastructures . A lot of local flooding is not so much climate change but our own doing. We need to stop building houses and look at better house designs that will hold more people in less space. 

I'm pro fossil fuels as at this stage, the country will not be able to support all this new electric needed. 

For years i have been saying Drax is not a good power plant and produces more emissions than coal would.

Obviously my national manifesto is not part of my local but my national one is available on my website 

I accept climate change but believe the poor will pay the price with all the new tax and money needed to pay for it. 

Until we research reliable ways which will come in the future I do not believe in green power. As a country we barely impact the emissions of carbon. One thing I am not is a liar so I won't sit here and say yes I'm fully a climate man because I'm not . I am always open to my views and i am grateful for fossil fuels as we as humanity have benefited so much from them." 


Regards, Stew Exotic 

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