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Pollarded willow, Thirsk

John Philip Hall
Yorkshire Party

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Thank you for inviting me to explain my views on the environment.
Without a doubt, this is the most pressing issue of our day.
I can do no more than let you see an extract from our environmental policy, which I contributed to and fully endorse.
A link to our full policy is here

We call our Environment Policy A BREATH OF FRESH AIR
The Yorkshire Party stands for a better, more sustainable environment to make Yorkshire a happier and healthier place to live. The future of Yorkshire is for our children.

The Yorkshire Party will place a high value on the environmental credentials of every policy, every action, and every product. Successive governments have failed to account for the needs of Yorkshire’s important countryside communities.

The Yorkshire Party will be a strong voice for our farmers and those who depend on a  sustainable, productive rural economy. Our priority is to plan how we live and the products we use – planning to reduce the impact of everyday life on the environment. The homes that we build need to be much more energy efficient. The products that we make need to safeguard precious resources. We should reduce the use of water and also reduce CO2 and other emissions. We will encourage innovative industries and repair shops to recycle materials. This may include mining landfill sites to recover materials from landfills that can be reused/ recycled. Also include, for example, the recycling of plastic milk cartons and other plastic packaging and deposit return schemes for glass jars and bottles. To ensure the broadest possible scrutiny, the Yorkshire Party will require all environmental issues to be subject to Open Data and ethical reporting.

I have recently been working on another environmental issue, a threat to The North Yorkshire Moors. I have made the following statement on behalf of the Yorkshire Party:    

"In regional politics, the Yorkshire Party stands as a staunch advocate for the interests of Yorkshire folk. As the debate surrounding freeports gains momentum across the country, the party is grappling with the potential consequences these economic zones may bring to the picturesque landscapes of North Yorkshire, particularly the North Yorkshire Moors.  Read more …"

I have also sent the following letter about the Teesside Freeport to the Yorkshire Post:

"Sir –

The threat to the North Yorkshire Moors from the Teesside Freeport must be opposed.

I was shocked to discover that the boundary to Teesside Freeport does not lie in Middlesborough but well over 10 miles inland, taking in large parts of the North Yorkshire Moors, with their unparalleled beauty, flora and fauna, characterful villages, and crucial tourism trade.  This is not a suitable place for industrial development!

It’s true that – as yet – no specific site within the Moors has been granted Freeport tax benefits but what possible purpose could drawing the boundary so far inland have other than to keep open the option of creating such sites in the future?

The Yorkshire Party has called on Levelling up Minister Jacob Young MP to remove the North Yorkshire Moors from the Freeport zone and I fully endorse that call.  I hope other political parties and politicians will do likewise.

We must protect this extraordinary space for future generations. Of course North Yorkshire’s economy should be encouraged to grow – but in a way that is sustainable and which safeguards the unique landscapes and ecosystems that define it."

Added 26 November 

"Research reveals that young people are increasingly concerned about climate change and pollution. We can make Yorkshire a world leader in green technology and inspire children to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology. Where better than Thirsk to establish an innovative new training college designed to equip students with green industry skills, the same as opened recently at London South East Colleges, Bromley Campus.
Let’s help solve the climate crisis by leading the way in specialist green technology colleges in Yorkshire."

John Hall | Treasurer

Yorkshire Party

for a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer United Kingdom

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