BP Service Station Proposal

Fossil-fuel giant BP have teamed up with M&S, Costa Coffee (owned by Coca-Cola) and McDonald’s, to build a new service station in the countryside on the edge of our lovely market town in North Yorkshire.

The proposed development would:

  1. swallow up a big chunk of important green space and tear out 400 metres of mature hedgerow

  2. threaten a ‘highly vulnerable’ aquifer 

  3. divert passing trade away from local independent cafés and shops in the town centre.

  4. concrete over a potentially valuable heritage site.

  5. introduce retail development and a lorry park very close to Thirsk and Sowerby Conservation Area and Cod Beck (just 180 metres at the closest point)

​That’s before we even talk about the wider climate impact! BP expects to sell 7.5 million litres of fuel per year at the proposed filling station. That's equivalent to 17-20 thousand metric tonnes of CO2. We think that's not the way to go with scientists warning that we need to scale back our use of fossil fuels - not increase it! 

M&S, Costa/Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have all taken steps towards operating more sustainably and say they are very concerned about the environment and the climate (7). If so, now’s the chance to prove it by withdrawing from this partnership with the world’s sixth-biggest fossil fuel polluter – and from any other tie-ups with BP they might be considering elsewhere in the UK. Instead, why not come and take up vacant premises in our town centre?

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