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Another report has been released – this time from WWF – highlighting the huge scale on which we are damaging the natural world we depend on.

Wildlife populations are DOWN BY NEARLY 70% since 1970.

That’s staggering! Here’s the gloomy assessment of Tanya Steele, chief executive of WWF:


“We are wiping wildlife from the face of the planet, burning our forests, polluting and over-fishing our seas and destroying wild areas. We are wrecking our world – the one place we call home – risking our health, security and survival here on Earth.”

It’s depressing, but what can we do?


We can’t afford to just shrug our shoulders and turn away.




We can get organised, we can:


Use our votes to elect representatives who want to turn this around,

Switch banks,

Shop ethically, 

Fly less,

Eat less meat,

Join and support campaigning groups (like this one!),

Sign every environmental petition and letter going,

Write to our MPs and councillors,

And of course do everything we can to look after Nature on our doorstep!

proposed new service station in countryside on edge of thirsk

Thirsk Friends of the Earth are opposing plans for a new service station in countryside on the edge of our town. 


Run for your planet

Run or cycle for your planet and raise money for Friends of the Earth

Much like the climate emergency, the pandemic has affected the most vulnerable both at home and abroad. Our climate campaign team is working tirelessly to make sure the government adopts a recovery plan which both fixes our economy and prioritises people and planet.

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

Can you go plastic free to help the environment?

Plastics take up so much of our lives, it's easy to think that we just can't live without them. 

However here at Friends of The Earth we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use, and we know that it is possible to live plastic free. It's easier than you might think.

A better future is just around the corner...

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