Pollarded willow, Thirsk


As this is a new FoE group, our activities and  campaigns programme is still pretty much a blank sheet. Some suggestions so far ...


Adopt a lane or footpath - Join a crack team of litter-pickers to look after a country lane or footpath near you. Armed with the latest technology (a humble litter-picking gadget and a bag), we'll do our best to make Thirsk a litter-free town. Good for tourism, good for hedgehogs and good for the soul! Even better: let's 'snap the crap' littering our footpaths, grass verges and hedgerows, keep some statistics and send a bill to the producer for removing it! 


River wardens - Want to help look after Cod Beck or another waterway near you? Keep an eye open for litter, pollution incidents, invasive riverside weeds and monitor water quality?

You don't need a PhD in river ecology, although it would be

great to hear from anyone out there who does!

'Climate emergency' campaiging - Of course, we'll be campaigning on national and global issues, too - first and foremost, the climate emergency. To maximise our impact we'll be working with other organisations such as Thirsk Town Council's new climate committee and Zero Carbon Yorkshire. In the past eight months, over half (205) of the UK’s 408 principal authorities (county, unitary, metropolitan, district and London boroughs) have declared a climate emergency, committing them to take urgent action to reduce their carbon emissions at a local level. See https://www.climateemergency.uk/. Let's see if we can persuade Hambleton DC and North Yorkshire CC to follow their example. Any keen climate campaigners out there?


Have another idea? We'd love to hear from you: thirskfoe@gmail.com. Click here to see more of the ideas we've received so far.


I simply cannot stand by and do nothing. How can I look at my grandchildren and know that the world is heading for catastrophe and just get on with “business as usual”? Let’s work together to halt the madness. ...

Sir David Attenbrough