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Pollarded willow, Thirsk

Hardly a day goes by without an environment story hitting the headlines. We'll do our best to keep you up to date. If there's anything we've missed, just let us know: 

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24 June 2021

UK policies will not deliver emission cuts pledge, says 

Climate Change Committee

Boris Johnson’s government has set “historic” targets on the climate crisis but has failed so far to come up with the policies needed to reach them, the government’s independent advisers on the climate have warned. Read more ...

The Guardian

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18 May 2021

No place for new fossil fuels if world is to reach net zero by 2050, says landmark report

An immediate end to new fossil fuel development is one of 400 radical steps proposed in the International Energy Agency’s Net Zero Roadmap – a first-of-its kind blueprint for how the global energy sector can effectively end its contribution to the climate crisis by the middle of the century....

Daisy Dunne, Climate Correspondent

The Independent

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1 July 2021

UK government's 'toothless policies' failing to protect nature

A committee of MPs has lambasted the UK government's approach to nature, saying it is failing to stem huge losses of plants and species.

Their report says that the UK has the lowest remaining levels of biodiversity among the world's richer nations.

The MPs say the government spends far more on exploiting the natural environment than it does conserving it.

They're calling for legally binding targets for nature similar to the UK's climate laws. 

Matt McGrath

BBC News

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