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Pollarded willow, Thirsk

Some of the ideas submitted so far. Keep them coming!
Hedgehog highways (like a wide pipe that goes under the road when the council is next resurfacing it) on the A170 Sutton Road and the new A168 spur as lots are getting squished and hedgehogs are now endangered. (Paula)
Baseline and regular event litter picking in and around the river and tributaries - which could also reduce flooding issues. (Paula)
River dredging - very few rivers are dredged now which makes flooding worse and the mud that comes out is a good environmental fertiliser.. (Paula)
Drone survey of rivers to look for issues or obstructions. (Paula)
Send a team from Thirsk FOE to help with annual beach cleans. (Paula)
Campaign for clearer recycling. Hambleton DC isn't very clear on what can and can't be recycled, lots of people are confused. (Paula)
Raise the profile of local Freecycle and freegle sites as a place to list things before taking them to the tip. (Paula)
Campaign to improve/widen the foot bridge over Cod Beck between St James' Green and Marage picnic area/Norby as it's very slippy and too narrow for two people to pass each other. If this could be made cyclable, people from the Shire Road and Hambleton estates would be more likely to cycle into town. (Paula)
Draw up and post a list of fruit trees for picking, e.g. pear tree on Stockton Road. (Paula)
Litter picking, zero waste workshops with independent businesses in town, advertising bring your own container and refill with locals shops, pushing the council to plant wild flowers (Dorothee)
Conduct local biodiversity and carbon audits. (David)
Install drinking fountain in town centre to cut use of plastic water bottles. (David)
Urge Hambleton DC and local schools to put up 'No engine idling' signs in town centres, school car parks and along roads near schools. (David)
Invite car dealers to demonstrate electric vehicles in town centres and install recharging points.
Designate some land for 'rewilding'. (David)
Have another idea? We'd love to hear from you:


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