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Survey questions

Pollarded willow, Thirsk

Thank you for taking part in this survey.

We hope you will see this as an opportunity to share your thoughts with voters on important climate and environmental issues that you would be in a position to influence if elected as YNY’s first mayor.

Please feel free to give short or longer answers as you wish. You can also refer to your manifesto or add links to a website.


YNY carbon-negative ambition

The ambition for YNY to be England’s first carbon-negative region is at the heart of the devolution deal and the Routemap to Carbon Negative developed by the former YNY Local Enterprise Partnership (now integrated into the CMA). Would you as leader of the new Combined Authority be fully committed to this scale of ambition?  What specific actions would you take in your first two years of office to deliver on that commitment? Can we rely on the sourcing of wood pellets (including from Canadian old growth forests) for use as biomass at Drax and  on ‘negative emissions technology’ such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) to reach that target?”




Jobs and skills

The new mayor will have responsibility for developing the region’s skills base as we transition to a low-carbon economy. That is a major challenge as we will be starting from a very low base. What areas do you see as requiring priority action in your first two years as Mayor? What measures will you introduce to support employers in low-zero carbon sectors?




Housing and energy efficiency

How would you approach the challenge of making our existing and new homes in YNY zero carbon? What is your target for upgrading poorly insulated homes, and how do you propose to eliminate fuel poverty?





Transport will be a major area of responsibility for the new CMA. At present, it’s also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and has proven to be one of the most difficult sectors to decarbonise. If elected, what would be your priority actions to create a transport system fit for a low-carbon future?




Energy infrastructure

The Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) produced by the former YNY Local Enterprise Partnership are broadly focused on increasing the supply of clean, renewable energy to replace fossil fuels and on radically improving domestic energy-efficiency. What actions will you prioritise in your first two years to implement these plans?




Nature and biodiversity

The UK as a whole is in the bottom 10% globally and is the worst G7 nation for biodiversity loss.  What do you propose to do to address the nature crisis in our region? How do you intend to involve the food/agricultural sector in this work? What would your priorities be in your first two years in office? Will you commit to implementing the policy recommendations set out in the draft YNY Local Nature Recovery Strategy?




Circular economy

One of the pillars of the Routemap to Carbon Negative developed by the former YNY Local Enterprise Partnership is moving towards a circular economy. What do you understand by this and what actions would you take to drive that transition as Mayor in your first two years?




Carbon literacy

As mayor, you will oversee major policy programmes designed to take us towards a low-carbon future. Please confirm that you would commit to independent and accredited carbon literacy training (e.g. Carbon Literacy Project) for yourself and your Combined Authority staff to ensure that as a team you have a clear understanding of the underlying science and the policy implications.  If you are not able to make this commitment, please set out your views on carbon literacy training.




Community engagement

In what way do you propose to create opportunities for community groups to influence future environmental policymaking by the CMA?




Open question

Is there anything else you’d like voters to know about your environmental or climate views and/or ambitions?

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